Menus & card

Menus & card


Marbled beef cheek with foir gras, salt flower and mesclun

Ballotine of guinea fowl with figs, autumn salad

Wafer on citrus tones, trout marinated gravlax, citronion cream

Creamy green asparagus soup, organic slow-cooked egg, served with asparagus and parmesan flakes.

Main courses

Roast lamb from the Pyrenees cooked in a herb crust, served with seasonal vegetables.

Free-range veal fillet served with morel mushrooms from the local mountains and a Couseran-cheese gratin.

Grilled rib steak served with fromage blanc tartare sauce, and stir-fried seasonal vegetables.

Sétoise monkfish stew served with julienned vegetables.


Cheeseboard with a selection of local cheeses

Fromage blanc panna cotta with a raspberry coulis


Garriguette strawberry and crunchy biscuit dessert served with Baurre creamy yogurt and sorbet.

Exotic Ariège millas (millet-flour pancake) flambé, served with sorbet.

Baba soaked in citrus infusion, served with mango sorbet and a white rum mousse.

Crispy “Michel Cluizel” chocolate dessert, served with dulce de leche ice-cream.

Caramalized mango and lime tarte tatin served with sorbet.


Appetizer – choose one of our dishes + Starter + Main Course + Cheese and Dessert


Appetizer – choose one of our dishes + Starter or Main Course + Cheese or Dessert


Appetizer – choose one of our dishes + Starter + Main Course + Cheese or Dessert


Taster menu, children under 12.

1 Starter + 1 dish from the market menu (half portion) + 1 dessert of the day


Depending on market availability, the chef creates

a menu including an appetizer + starter + main course + dessert

to be chosen from the menu board.

Vegetarian menu : 19.00 €


Salade aux croustillants de chèvre bio

Risotto aux morilles

Tarte aux fruits

Served for lucnh, except Sunday and public holidays

Menu:   Starter + Main Course+ Dessert = 15.00 €

Menu:  Starter + Main Course  + Dessert = 17.00 €